We're Excited for 2023!

Instructional Videos Series

CourseWorkBooks is thrilled to have brought Kim Konzack (bio) on board to create Instructional Videos for our Course Workbooks. Kim has begun filming short videos covering the main concepts and model problems from each section of the Algebra I Next Generation Course Workbook. These lessons are accessible, at no additional cost, to anyone with a Digital License by clicking on the Videos menu tab at the top of the screen while logged in. Plans are to add Geometry and Algebra II videos over the next two years.

Click Here to View a Sample Video

Algebra I Next Generation

Our new edition of the Algebra I publications are now aligned strictly to the New York Regents Next Generation Learning Standards, aimed at preparing students for the first administration of the Algebra I Next Generation Regents exam in June, 2024. All "Common Core" topics (and their corresponding Regents questions) that have been removed from the standards have been removed from the books, while all the new topics remain included. Our Geometry and Algebra II publications will follow suit over the next two years.

Transformations in Geometry

This year's Geometry publications been significantly reorganized, with all topics on coordinate geometry moved to the beginning of the course. Most students are already comfortable working with points and lines in the coordinate plane, so this change in sequence will leverage these skills to allow students to gain more confidence in their understanding of geometric concepts (including transformations of polygons onto congruent or similar polygons) before being introduced to formal proofs and the rest of Euclidean geometry.

Digital Combined Editions

For the last few years, only the Course Workbooks and Regents Questions were available as eBooks. Beginning this year, the Combined Editions are available, as well. Now, schools that use the Combined Editions can direct students to specific pages using the same page numbers as their paperback editions.

More Support Options

We've added a number of support options this year. First, we've added a live chat option to our site. Also, school personnel may now schedule FREE 30 minute Zoom meetings. In-person consultation and training are also available to schools in New York City, Westchester, and Nassau counties. Click Here for more details.

Paperback Weight Loss

Yes, we're aware that our Combined Editions have been compared to phone books, so we've reduced the page counts in all of our books through the reformatting of margins and text. Along with the removal of topics no longer covered in the NG curriculum, we've been able to reduce the Algebra I Combined Edition by about 100 pages. The Geometry and Algebra II books have also been trimmed by about 50 to 60 pages without any loss of content.

Lower Prices with Mixam

After years of publishing most of our books through Lulu, multiple price increases have forced us to switch to Mixam as our new print-on-demand publisher. This, along with the reduced page counts, have allowed us to lower the prices of the Course Workbooks and Regents Questions by $5 each and the Combined Editions by $15 each! Unfortunately, with shipping costs still on the rise, we can no longer offer free shipping on orders of less than $300.

Paperback Answer Keys

By popular demand, the printed copies of answer keys are back. Now you can choose between ordering the paperbacks at $5 each from our Bookstore or downloading the free PDF copies from our Answer Keys page.

Digital License Renewals

Until now, digital access to previous editions expired each August for individual licenses. Beginning this year, when you renew your individual license (at a discounted rate) before it expires, you will not only gain access to the newest editions but also retain access to any of the previous editions. To renew your license, login to your account and find the special renewal offer on your Profile page.

AP® Statistics

In the near future, our Statistics Course Workbook will be updated to align more strictly to the AP® curriculum and released as CWB's Course Workbook for AP® Statistics.

AP® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this product.