Previous Editions

Ordering Directions

CourseWorkBooks only sells the current editions of its books. However, some previous editions may still be purchased directly from the publisher, Amazon or Lulu, using the product page links below. These links will take you away from this website, where you can order the books through the Amazon or Lulu site. If you have any questions about your order, please contact Amazon or Lulu directly.

Ordering through Lulu

Schools that wish to purchase previous editions through Lulu should follow these steps:

  1. Create a Lulu account. [How?]
  2. If your organization is exempt from sales tax, submit your certificate to Lulu for processing. [How?]
  3. If you prefer to use purchase orders, submit a credit application to Lulu for approval. [How?]
  4. After all of your requests above are approved by Lulu, you'll be able to order by clicking on the Lulu product page links below and adding books to the Lulu shopping cart.

2022-23 Editions

Available through Amazon only:

Available through Lulu only:

2021-22 Editions

Available through Lulu only:

2020-21 Editions

Available through Lulu only: