I am a junior at Stuyvesant High School and a tutor for the SHSAT, Alg 1, Alg 2, and Geometry Regents. I've used your books as a student and they've really prepared me for regents exams, and now I'm taking calculus, and it's been a breeze because of your previous workbooks.
-- Reem Khalifa, Stuyvesant HS Student

I am an Algebra 1 and Geometry teacher in the NY area using your workbooks for my second year in a row and am so thrilled with them. They were suggested by several other math teachers in my area and I am so glad I decided to go ahead using them! The content is so clear, concise, and teachable.
-- Alysa Grubner, Ahavas Bais Yaakov HS, Monsey

Donny is an amazing author and person. He is very responsive to customer service. Our school uses his series and we couldn't be happier. We are already planning our fall order!
-- Kim Konzack, Yeshiva University High School for Girls

We have been ordering your Algebra workbooks for the past two years and I must say it is by far the greatest workbook/textbook that I have ever used since I began teaching.
-- Erica Sadagursky, IS 51, Staten Island

I salute you for creating a resource that focuses on the main ideas without unnecessarily complicating them. Your book makes it easier for students to learn the core concepts, and it helps teachers more effectively teach. ... Thank you for creating such a fantastic workbook!
-- Dave Wright, Professional Performing Arts HS

This book is my favorite Algebra book by far. ... I love that there is actually room for the kids to write in the book and solve the problems. I also love that every section has multiple choice problems included (taken from actual common core tests). What I love most is that each section introduces a concept in a concise way. There aren't pages filled with pictures and whatnot, you don't have to wade through voluminous text that over explains things to the point of actually causing confusion, it just lays out concisely what the new info is and then gives the problems to solve.
-- The Carters on Amazon

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your [Geometry] book! It is concise, so well organized, and has the perfect selection and amount of test questions to perfect a student's knowledge. I feel that current school textbooks have so many bells and whistles ... that it is hard to find the information they are 'trying' to impart.
-- Leah Preiserowicz

Thanks for your wonderful workbooks! I have been helping my son with math (algebra, and next geometry), and your explanation sections are wonderful! I also love having the Regents questions included so I do not have to scout them out myself!
-- Ita Rabinowitz

Donny Brusca is amazing at what he does. I'm truly impressed with his review books. I recommend these books to all of my students!
-- Trevor Clark on Amazon

Best workbook so far! Would recommend to any Algebra CC instructor.
-- Joanie on Amazon

Love this text. I've been looking for a common core Algebra 1 study guide for a while as none of the ones on the market incorporated a lot of the changes and topics that have taken place the last few years. This one meets the mark and reminds me of what Amsco was when it first came out.
-- A. Madera on Amazon

This workbook is helping my son to understand algebra. It's independent self paced learning!
-- Amazon Customer

I cannot say enough about this book. I received a classroom set of these books last year for my Resource students. I am familiar with the CC curriculum, but I am not "math savvy" enough to come up with practice questions on the fly. This book allows me to grab TONS of practice problems, multiple choice problems, etc. I absolutely could not manage without these books. I use them every day! If you have a child who is struggling, or are a teacher who needs some review and some practice problems....BUY THIS BOOK!!!
-- Amazon Customer

As a teacher preparing Algebra 1 common core curriculum for the first time, I am finding this book very helpful. I like the way the chapters were broken down and the order too. The explanation is very clear and structured well. I constantly use the practice examples and sample regents questions following each topic. I find myself using this book all the time to supplement my math textbook.
-- CY Klein on Amazon

A must buy for new or revising [sic] Algebra I students. Two features worth mentioning: 1) the hands-on teaching of how to use the Texas Instruments 83 graphing calculator in doing the exercises as well as checking out the solutions 2) the emphasis on learning the concepts, vocabulary as well as the notation, the mathematical models.
-- Victor L. Nazaire on Amazon

Could not be happier with this book. My daughter was STRUGGLING all year with CC algebra. We were very worried about the regents exam. But with this book, and hard work, I'm happy to say she did great! Her class grade also went up 28%. This is a must buy :)
-- RR8302 on Amazon

Thanks so much for the workbook. I have been frustrated about CC and your books make it much easier to teach. I will try to convince my school board to buy copies for the entire class.
-- Aron Levi

When I first got this book I thought it was going to be like the rest. But your book has gone beyond that point and I am very impressed. I am a teenager who struggles to thrive with Aspergers and this book works for me much better than any of the others I have used. I am very thankful for this book and recommend it to anyone who is going take the Algebra regents.
-- E.W.

I was so happy to find a workbook for CC Algebra. I found the worksheets and homework assignments very useful. ... I do really like the workbook and use it often. It is a helpful resource for this confusing and new curriculum.
-- Joanie on Amazon