School Orders

Important Note

Tax Exempt Organizations in New York State must follow the instructions on the Tax Exempt page (click below) to avoid paying sales tax when ordering online.

Placing an Order

Schools and districts may order by one of the following methods:

  1. Place your order through this website's Shopping Cart. (See Important Note above.)
  2. Email a school or district Purchase Order to . Please complete the PO carefully, preferably including ISBNs (listed on the Price Guide).

No Returns

Books are printed on demand, so there are no refunds or returns.


Shipping is FREE on all orders. Orders must ship to the school's or district office's physical address. Books are printed on demand and drop-shipped by Mixam. Please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. There are no expedited shipping options available.

Price Guide

Click below to download the CourseWorkBooks 2024-25 Price Guide with ISBNs.

Paying Invoices

For schools using purchase orders, invoices with net 45 terms will be sent by email (if an address is provided) and by mail when the order is processed.

Invoices may be paid by one of the following three methods:

  1. Pay by credit card, debit card, or PayPal through our Zoho Customer Portal. To pay using our Portal, please accept the invitation emailed to you by Zoho after you created your first order. You may then pay by either clicking on the link provided on the emailed invoice under "Payment Options," or by signing in here: Customer Portal. If you lose the emailed invitation to create your Zoho payment portal account, please contact and he will be able to resend the invitation email.
  2. Send payment by Zelle to . Please include the Invoice # in the Memo field. Please make sure to use the correct email address.
  3. Mail a check to the mailing address provided below. Please make the check payable to CourseWorkBooks.

Late Payments

Interest will accrue at the rate of 1.5% per month past the due date on unpaid invoices. Accounts referred to collections will be responsible for all legal and/or collections costs incurred.

Ordering through the NYC DOE

Although our books are not listed under NYSTL or in the ShopDOE site, New York City schools (including non-public schools) may still order our books through FAMIS by selecting the option to purchase from a non-contract, sole source vendor. You will need to submit our Sole Source Letter. The FAMIS Vendor Number for CourseWorkBooks is COU743403. Please complete the order carefully, including the specific book titles and ISBNs (listed on the Price Guide).

Please DO NOT email a school Purchase Order to CourseWorkBooks if you intend on placing the order through the NYC DOE, as this will result in a duplicate order.

Once your school has received delivery, PLEASE immediately certify the PO for payment. The DOE refuses to pay invoices to vendors unless the PO is certified by the school.

Business Documents

Download our Sole Source Letter if your school requires it.

Download our W-9 Form if your school requires it.

Mailing Address

If you prefer to send a purchase order, order form, or check by mail, it may be mailed to:

CourseWorkBooks, Inc.
12 Constant Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314