Digital Site Licenses

Standard License

$250.00 + $5/user


Building License


Unlimited Users

What's Included

Each User Account Includes:

  • Online Access to all eBooks from the past three Edition Years
  • Tools for working directly onto the pages using our e[Work]Books software
  • Access to ALL Next Generation Instructional Videos as they are released

For License Terms and Conditions, see below.

Free User Accounts with Books Purchase

Schools that purchase any current workbooks along with a Standard License receive an equal number of FREE user accounts. Additional user accounts may be purchased at the regular price of $5 per user. Previous edition books are excluded. Offer does not apply to user accounts already purchased prior to the purchase of workbooks.

Standard License Ordering Notes

(1) When purchasing a Standard License without the purchase of workbooks, please enter the number of user accounts needed in the text box above before clicking on Add to Cart. (This number may be changed on the shopping cart page.) Students and teachers each require their own user account.

(2) When purchasing a Standard License, enter 0 Users above if you are also purchasing in this same order (or already have purchased) current edition workbooks for your teachers and students and are thereby eligible for an equal number of free user accounts.

(3) For Sites that have already purchased an active Standard License but wish to add user accounts, please enter the number of additional user accounts needed in the text box above before clicking on Add to Cart. Then, remove the Standard License, if one has already been purchased, from the shopping cart before checking out.

(4) Please DO NOT remove the Standard License from the shopping cart unless your school already has purchased an active Standard License. Orders of User Accounts alone without an active Standard License will be canceled.

20% Off with Building License

Sites that purchase a Building License also receive a 20% discount on the purchase of current edition workbooks. Workbooks must be purchased by January 31, 2025. To apply the 20% discount to your online order, contact for directions before placing your order.

Site Administrator

Login credentials for each user account will be managed by the site administrator. This is usually the school's math chairperson or data specialist. When ordering a Site License, please send an email with the full name and email address of the site administrator to .

Site License Period

Site licenses for the 2024-25 editions are valid through August 31, 2025. Licenses purchased during the academic year are not pro-rated.


Contact for more information about site licenses.


View the entire book online. Includes zoom, print, and page turning buttons.


Our proprietary e[Work]Books software provides tools for working directly onto the workbook pages online:

  • Colored pens, an eraser, a highlighter, and a text typing tool
  • Line and compass tools, for drawing geometric constructions
  • Add graph paper grids -- great for plotting points, lines, and polygons
  • Add a page of "scrap" paper for additional work or graphs
  • Upload image files, such as math equations created in EquatIO
  • Use your desktop mouse or tablet stylus or touchscreen
  • Save your work and return to it later
  • Download your work as a PNG file for immediate submission

Instructional Videos

Short instructional videos covering every section of the new Algebra I Next Generation Course Workbook. Created by Kimberly Konzack, a NYC public high school math teacher, these videos cover the key concepts and guide you step by step through the Model Problems. Links to the videos are made available to Digital License owners as they are released throughout the year.

Click Here to View a Sample Video

Site License Terms and Conditions

A "Site" applies to a single school, organization, or business entity at one physical location. A separate Site License is required for each individual Site.

A "User" applies to one person having an active User Account associated with a Site License. Only one User may be allowed access to a single User Account. To allow multiple Users to share access to a single User Account is a violation of the Site License.

A "Teacher" is any teacher or instructor at a Site who has an active User Account and who is professionally responsible for the instruction of students. Each Teacher is required to have a separate User Account.

The Site License grants any Teacher the right to display any content to which the Teacher has legal access through the Teacher's User Account, by displaying the Teacher's screen either in a physical (in-person) or virtual (video-conferencing) classroom for instructional purposes, provided that students without active User Accounts shall not be allowed access to download any such content. When students in a class DO NOT have active User Accounts, the Teacher may only display content as specified in this paragraph and is prohibited from copying, distributing or sharing content with the students in any format.

The Site License grants any Teacher the right to create paper copies of any pages of those books to which the Teacher has legal access through the Teacher's User Account, provided that all individuals with whom the Teacher distributes said content also have active User Accounts at the time that said copies are distributed. Both the Teacher and ALL students who are given copies must have active User Accounts under the same Site License. The License DOES NOT grant the Teacher the right to copy and distribute any pages of books to students or any individuals who do not also have an active User Account under the same Site License.

The Site License grants any Teacher the right to digitally share content to which the Teacher has legal access through the User Account with any other Users who also have active User Accounts, provided that any such sharing of content must be through a secure space accessible only to said Users and not to the general public. Both the Teacher and ALL students who have access to the shared content must have active User Accounts under the same Site License. For example, the License DOES NOT permit content to be posted on pages of a school website that may be publicly accessed, but does allow content to be posted to Google Classroom provided that access to said content is retricted to only those students who have active User Accounts under the same Site License.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, all Teachers, students and other personnel at a Site with an active Building License may be considered to have active User Accounts, even if such accounts have not actually been created by the Site Administrator. This provision applies to Sites with Building Licenses only, as these licenses include an unlimited number of User Accounts, and NOT to Sites with Standard Licenses, which have a limited number of User Accounts.

Except as provided above, any copying, distributing or sharing of content published by CourseWorkBooks is expressly prohibited.