Our upgraded digital eBooks are now eWorkbooks!

Introducing the NEW eCanvas feature of our workbooks. If your school uses distance learning, this feature is especially helpful. Students no longer need to print and scan or take a photo of their work (unless they want to).

Now, students can:

Indvidual Licenses

Each $15 license provides access to
eWorkbooks for both the
Course Workbook and Exam Questions
through 12/31/21,
plus PDF editions of the Answer Keys.
Login instructions will be emailed
within 48 hours after purchase.
eBooks are not available for
the "combined" editions.

Algebra I


Algebra II

Site Licenses

Schools may purchase eBook site licenses at the rate of $1 per level multiplied by the school's Total Enrollment (minimum 100).

For example, a school with a Total Enrollment of 400 students may purchase a site license for Algebra I only for $400, or may purchase site licenses to all three levels (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II) for $1,200.

"Total enrollment" includes all students, grades 8 to 12, enrolled in the school, even those who may not need to access the eBooks this year. To find your school's Total Enrollment, download the appropriate file below, find your school and then look under the TOTAL column.

NYS Public School Enrollment Data

NYS Non-Public School Enrollment Data

Schools and districts should NOT purchase through the online store. Instead, please email a purchase order to or mail it to the address given at the bottom left of this page.

eBooks are not available for the "combined" editions. Schools that are using the "combined" edition are welcome to purchase the corresponding levels' eBook site licenses, but should be aware that page numbering will not match.

Site license administrators will have access to PDF editions of the corresponding Answer Keys that they can download and share with their staff (or students, if they so choose).

Site licenses for the 2020-21 editions are valid through December 31, 2021. Schools may opt to purchase an extended site license (at a discounted price) if needed beyond this date. Licenses purchased during the academic year are not pro-rated.

Contact for more information about site licenses.

Schools may choose to purchase individual licenses for students instead of a site license. To set up the accounts, send us the email addresses and full names (and optionally, the passwords) of the students. Note that schools will not be reimbursed for the cost of individual licenses if they later choose to purchase a site license or qualify for a free site license. Note that individual licenses will include access to the corresponding Answer Keys.

While schools are closed due to the pandemic, access to previous editions' eBooks remain free. Go to the Archives page to access eBooks of previous editions. Once schools reopen, annual licenses to access these eBooks will be available for purchase.