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Kimberly Konzack, Instructor

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Chapter 1. Equations and Inequalities

1.1 Properties of Real Numbers

1.2 Solve Linear Equations in One Variable

1.3 Solve Equations with Fractions

1.4 Solve Linear Inequalities in One Variable

1.5 Solve Literal Equations and Inequalities

Chapter 2. Verbal Problems

2.1 Translate Expressions

2.2 Translate Equations

2.3 Linear Model in Two Variables

2.4 Word Problems – Linear Equations

2.5 Translate Inequalities

2.6 Word Problems – Inequalities

2.7 Conversions

Chapter 3. Linear Graphs

3.1 Determine Whether a Point is on a Line

3.2 Lines Parallel to Axes

3.3 Find Intercepts

3.4 Find Slope Given Two Points

3.5 Find Slope Given an Equation

3.6 Graph Linear Equations

3.7 Write an Equation Given a Point and Slope

3.8 Write an Equation Given Two Points

3.9 Graph Inequalities

Chapter 4. Linear Systems

4.1 Solve Linear Systems Algebraically

4.2 Solve Linear Systems Graphically

4.3 Solutions to Systems of Inequalities

4.4 Solve Systems of Inequalities Graphically

4.5 Word Problems – Linear Systems

4.6 Word Problems – Systems of Inequalities

Chapter 5. Polynomials

5.1 Polynomial Expressions

5.2 Add and Subtract Polynomials

5.3 Multiply Polynomials

5.4 Divide a Polynomial by a Monomial

Chapter 6. Introduction to Functions

6.1 Recognize Functions

6.2 Function Graphs

6.3 Evaluate Functions

6.4 Features of Function Graphs

6.5 Domain and Range

6.6 Absolute Value Functions

Chapter 7. Functions as Models

7.1 Write a Function from a Table

7.2 Graph Linear Functions

7.3 Rate of Change for Linear Functions

7.4 Average Rate of Change

7.5 Functions of Time

7.6 Systems of Functions

7.7 Combine Functions

Chapter 8. Exponential Functions

8.1 Exponential Growth and Decay

8.2 Graphs of Exponential Functions

8.3 Rewrite Exponential Expressions

8.4 Compare Linear and Exponential Functions

Chapter 9. Sequences

9.1 Arithmetic Sequences

9.2 Geometric Sequences

Chapter 10. Irrational Numbers

10.1 Simplify Radicals

10.2 Operations with Radicals

10.3 Rationalizing Denominators

10.4 Closure

Chapter 11. Factoring

11.1 Factor Out the Greatest Common Factor

11.2 Factor a Trinomial

11.3 Factor the Difference of Perfect Squares

11.4 Factor Completely

Chapter 12. Quadratic Functions

12.1 Solve Simple Quadratic Equations

12.2 Solve Quadratic Equations by Factoring

12.3 Find Quadratic Equations from Given Roots

12.4 Equations with the Square of a Binomial

12.5 Complete the Square

12.6 Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant

12.7 Word Problems – Quadratic Equations

Chapter 13. Parabolas

13.1 Find Roots Given a Parabolic Graph

13.2 Find Vertex and Axis Graphically

13.3 Find Vertex and Axis Algebraically

13.4 Graph Parabolas

13.5 Vertex Form

Chapter 14. Quadratic-Linear Systems

14.1 Solve Quadratic-Linear Systems Algebraically

14.2 Solve Quadratic-Linear Systems Graphically

Chapter 15. Cubic and Radical Functions

15.1 Cubic Functions

15.2 Square Root Functions

Chapter 16. Transformations of Functions

16.1 Translations

16.2 Reflections

16.3 Stretches

Chapter 17. Discontinuous Functions

17.1 Piecewise Functions

17.2 Step Functions

Chapter 18. Univariate Data

18.1 Types of Data

18.2 Frequency Tables

18.3 Histograms

18.4 Central Tendency

18.5 Distribution

18.6 Standard Deviation

18.7 Percentiles and Quartiles

18.8 Box Plots

Chapter 19. Bivariate Data

19.1 Two-Way Frequency Tables

19.2 Scatter Plots

19.3 Correlation and Causality

19.4 Identify Correlation in Scatter Plots

19.5 Lines of Fit

19.6 Correlation Coefficients

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